Local Change on a global Scale

The idea was simple. A week of blood drives that were created and sponsored by Global Shaper Hubs from around the world. It was sparked by a Global Shaper out of Washington D.C. who has dedicated his career to improving the blood donation logistical system around the world and is currently working for the Pan American Health Organization.

On December 9, 2016, our Hub executed our drive and we had the awesome opportunity to partner with the American Red Cross and Nossa Familia Coffee for a successful blood drive that was part of this amazing global initiative.  Over the course of a week, nine countries and fourteen different Global Shaper Hubs contributed to the first ever Global Shapers blood drive, the campaign was dubbed #Blood4All. Considering the fact that December is a month where blood donation is desperately needed, the timing couldn’t have been any better.


Portland Blood Drive Experience

Although the weather wanted to hold us back, the drive was a success and we had over thirty donors in the Portland drive. A donors blood saves up to three lives, so the ninety plus people that were impacted by the communities efforts will be felt by them, and their families for the rest of their lives. Nossa Familia was gracious enough to provide a free beverage to every donor who participated and the Red Cross had their Blood Mobile parked out front of Nossa all day, we thank both organizations for their support and help in this endeavor!

Seeing the Impact

Not to be lost in the local efforts, the most incredible part of this initiative was the Global impact. In Meddelin, Colombia, more than one hundred donors participated. Over one hundred donors in the Douala, Cameroon Hub also participated. All in all, over four hundred and fifty donors were a part of this drive globally which is over thirteen hundred and fifty lives that were impacted due to this initiative!


Continuing the Legacy

The most exciting part is that “Blood For All” has the potential to be an annual event that will only grow and will only consist of more Hubs, and donors moving forward. Being part of a Global Community that is driven to help people all over the world is such an amazing feeling and has led to many great initiatives for the city of Portland.

Stay tuned for more events moving forward and feel free to email hello@pdxshapers.org if you’d like to learn more, or get involved with the PDX Shapers!