Occasionally in life we have moments of clarity. Our Hub’s trip to Seattle was one of those moments. The Seattle Shapers hosted an awesome retreat which brought together amazing young professionals from different hubs along the West Coast, from San Diego to Vancouver, B.C. The weekend was filled with laughs, delicious food and beer, beautiful views and new friendships. The weekend also provided validation to us Portlanders that we are on the path to success in creating another successful Global Shapers Hub.     

The quality of people that we met over the weekend wasn’t surprising; what was surprising was how instantly we all clicked. The weekend commenced with a BBQ hosted by Phil and Martina Welkhoff and from there, the magic had started. The diversity of industries and perspectives that were present led to many intriguing conversations ranging from: global health issues, data driven analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality and so much more. We also got a killer drone selfie, thanks Kyle!

The next day was filled with hiking, eating, and more conversation. It became clear that many Hubs are yearning for opportunities to network and cross promote with other Hubs and it was fun brainstorming different ways to execute upon that desire. We will be reaching out to various Hubs and organizations with cross promoting opportunities as they arise, keep us in mind as well! The festivities wrapped up for us at WeWork’s Seattle office Saturday night after an awesome dinner at Elysian Brewing. If you want to rent some awesome space to get a company off the ground, check out WeWork, their facilities are amazing!

We left Sunday with full hearts and full minds and with an enhanced energy to keep the momentum we’ve gained rolling. It turns out that the growing pains that we’ve encountered were very similar for other Hubs when they started out as well. It is very motivating knowing that the groundwork that we are finalizing will create a vehicle for positive impact on the community, and the city of Portland.

Thank you to all of the Shapers in Seattle that helped organize and execute such an awesome weekend, we look forward to returning the favor in the coming months! Special thanks to Buddy Waddington for keeping everybody on the same page all weekend. All in all, Seattle is a beautiful city with amazing young professionals and some delicious coffee, albeit Portland’s coffee is pretty awesome as well.