"When it is safe, convenient, and fun to walk, bike and access transit to neighborhood schools, our children are healthier, our streets are safer for everyone, and our communities thrive. Every kid in Oregon deserves a chance at a healthy future." - Bike Transportation Alliance

Our first volunteer activity as a group was joining the Bicycle Transportation Alliance at the 82nd Avenue Parade of Roses. The Bicycle Transportation Alliance has multiple volunteer events per month where individuals and organizations can join the in bicycle advocacy, education, bicycle safety, and bike commuting activities.

For this experience, we had the opportunity to gather with hundreds of SE Portland neighbors from Foster-Powell and the surrounding area. In East Portland, the promotion of cycling and related infrastructure is increasing, notable commitments including the Spring Water Corridor, the I-205 bike path and increased attention to the Lents/Woodstock Neighborhoods. Elizabeth Quiroz of the BTA serves as Equity Manager engaging communities in East Portland and beyond as stakeholders and owners in Bicycle Advocacy. Eric Brodell helped to organize the event serving as the East Portland Advocacy and For Every Kid Campaign Intern for the last 6 months.

At the event we met approximately 10-15 different families and fitted 20 children for helmets. Children were welcomed to the BTA tent, fitted for a free bike helmet and invited to participate in a bike rodeo to practice safe biking skills. It was a blast to see so many kids come and participate. The BTA was able to give away helmets fitting children ages 3 – 13. Part of BTA’s work involves informing potential riders and families about safe riding laws. In Oregon the law requires that riders age 15 and younger wear a helmet according to ORS 814.485. 

The simple addition of a helmet can reduce the chance of head injury by 50 percent.
— Sacks, J.J.; Holmgreen, P.; Smith, S.M.; and Sosin, D.M. 1991. Bicycle-associated head injuries and deaths in the United States from 1984 through 1988. How many are preventable? Journal of the American Medical Association 266(21):3016-8.

As a city that values cycling for recreation and as a mode of conveyance, we see BTA on the leading edge of bicycle advocacy for inner-Portland and outer-Portland. We are one Portland, both sides of the river, and both sides of I-205. We’ll continue to look at organizations who are leaders in their field and engaging the community at a grassroots level.

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